$100 Eighths of Concentrate in Massachusetts

Finally! The concentrate deals Massachusetts cannabis community has been waiting for. There’s a chance MA dispensaries near you are offering concentrates at a discount. However, the $100 eighth concentrates deal on hash and wax is happening right now at our Massachusetts dispensary, 2 Tarbell Street Pepperell, MA, 01463. You are welcome to make your purchase online for pickup or directly at our retail establishment.

Turn your attention to some top things consumers want to know about $100 eighth concentrates specials in MA.

What are Cannabis Concentrates?

Cannabis concentrates, also known as ‘dabs’, are weed extracts commonly used for vaping and smoking. The extracted compound is potent or high in THC, other beneficial cannabinoids, and terpenes. Concentrates are extracted from the marijuana plant using solvent while others are solvent-free. Solvent-free weed extracts are called “rosin” while those extracted using solvents are called “live resin“. The different types of dispensary extracts include:

  • Wax
  • Hash (bubble, water, etc.)
  • Shatter
  • Distillate
  • Crumble
  • Terp Sauce
  • Crystalline Sugar

How Much Product is $100 Eighth Concentrates?

Weed is measured in grams, eighths, ounces, and pounds. In the cannabis world, the term “eighth” is used to mean 3.5 grams of wax, hash, or other extracts. The general prices for an 8th of concentrate in MA hovers around $95 – $180. The final cost depends on the brand, quality, and potency of the product. Not to worry. An eighth of wax or hash lasts the average stoner almost a week. However, heavy hitters know they need more than $100 eighth concentrates.

What Types of $100 Eighth Concentrates in MA are Available?

It depends on which type of concentrate the dispensary is offering the promotion for. If you’re looking for rosin or live resin hash or wax dabs for an enhanced experience, it’s your lucky day! The following are $100 eighth concentrates deals on wax by Cripsy Commission found on Massachusetts dispensaries’ menus:

Are $100 Eighth Concentrates Good Quality?

While we cannot speak for other dispensaries in MA, we provide consumers with nothing but the best in cannabis concentrate deals. In fact, products on markdown are the same high-quality strains from the best-in-class brands on our daily menu. From time to time, loyal and new consumers get in on deals as our way to say “Thank you,” for choosing our retail store. Rest assured, low prices for the same quantity of the same high quality is a great deal!

Get in on $100 Eighth Concentrates Specials at Uma Flowers

Now you know there’s no trouble finding $100 eighth concentrates deals in Massachusetts. Not only can you acquire $100 8th concentrate deals, but also 8th specials on top-tier marijuana flower and pre-rolls. Purchase confidently knowing we’re able to slash prices without impacting quality.Whether you’re just getting started or a dab lord, our knowledgeable budtender can hook you up with the necessary dab tools, devices, and other accessories to maximize the experience. Send us a message online or call 978-925-9220.

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