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Best Dispensaries in Massachusetts (2023)

Whether you are in the Cape Cod area, visiting the Berkshires, or heading north to New Hampshire, you’ll find the best dispensaries in Massachusetts along the way. Massachusetts was thankfully one of the very first New England states to embrace cannabis. Therefore, Massachusetts cannabis is a mature, robust market with so many upstanding recreational and medical dispensaries. Take a look below at our picks for the best dispensaries in Massachusetts in 2023.

Best Dispensaries in Massachusetts (Northern Mass)

Uma Flowers Recreational Cannabis Dispensary - Inside Storefront

Uma Flowers in Pepperell, MA

Type: Recreational

Uma Flowers is one of the few dispensaries located in Pepperell but has grown to be known as one of the best recreational dispensaries in Massachusetts. Our female-founded and operated dispensary started out with a mission to give people access to clean and pure cannabis products to support a healthy life. The founders of Uma Flowers have a medical background, which means they are wholly dedicated and passionate about the therapeutic value of cannabis.

Uma Flowers offers one of the most extensive collections of independently-tested cannabis products in the state. The menu is filled with:

A Community-Based Dispensary with a Dedication to Wellness

The Uma Flowers founders have more than 15 years of combined health industry experience and a passion for the therapeutic value clean cannabis provides. We welcome the first-time cannabis consumer just as we do the consumer that knows exactly what they want. From offering consultations to carefully curating the menu, everything Uma Flowers does is for the greater good of the community it serves.

Best Massachusetts Dispensary (Cape Cod)

Cape Cod Cannabis Dispensary Wellfleet, MA

Type: Recreational

A boutique-style cannabis dispensary in Cape Cod, Cape Cod Cannabis is known for curating one of the best collections of cannabis in the Cape. This dispensary attracts customers from all surrounding counties for its superior collection of fine strains and pre-rolls. However, a lot of customers prefer the Cape Cod Dispensary because of its excellent customer service. You can place orders online, pick the time you want your order to be ready, and the team will have your picks ready to go when you arrive. Plus, you can request a free consultation if you need a little help finding the right cannabis products for you.

Best Dispensaries in Massachusetts (Worcester)

Good Chemistry in Worcester, MA

Type: Recreational and Medical

Located on Harrison Street in Worcester, Good Chemistry is a well-established name in recreational and medical cannabis in MA. This dispensary is said to be one of the better locations in the Worcester area. Customers commonly tout fair prices, kind staff members, and a well-rounded menu of flower and other cannabis products. However, Good Chemistry is also a vertically integrated dispensary, which means they grow and process many of their own products. For example, every year, Good Chemistries curates a new line of strains in small batches hand-selected due to genetic profiles and terpene quality.

Nature’s Remedy in Millbury, MA

Type: Recreational and Medical

One of the largest cannabis dispensaries in the Worcester area, Nature’s Remedy lies just south of Worcester in Millbury. However, if you will be in the Worcester area, Nature’s Remedy is said to be well worth the few extra miles of driving for the service and selection. This dispensary serves both adult-use and medical cannabis customers and the brand’s passion for truly helping others is obvious. Nature’s Remedy has been around since 2015. Over the course of the last several years, the dispensary name has grown to be recognized as one of the best in the state.

Best Dispensary in Massachusetts (Western Mass)

Berkshire Roots Cannabis Dispensary in Pittsfield, MA

Type: Medical and Recreational

Known as one of the best dispensaries in Massachusetts, Berkshire Roots has locations in both Pittsfield and Boston. The Pittsfield location serves both medical and adult-use customers with a massive selection of flower, concentrates, tinctures, and more. Berkshire Roots is not just a dispensary in MA, however. The brand is a highly-regarded cultivator and cannabis product manufacturer with its products found in dispensaries throughout the Bay State. We even carry a collection of Berkshire Roots products at Uma Flowers. Berkshire Roots is known for crafting refined cannabis products with unparalleled quality and reliability.

Silver Therapeutics in Williamstown, MA

Type: Recreational

Situated near the Vermont border in the northwestern corner of Massachusetts, Silver Therapeutics opened its doors in 2019. Since opening its first recreational dispensary, Silver Therapeutics has grown to have dispensaries across three New England States. However, the Williamstown store remains one of the most frequented cannabis shops in the state. Silver Therapeutics is known for providing an amazing mix of the best cannabis products and strains in MA and doing so with a smile. However, the owners also take great pride in offering cannabis education both in-store and online.

Best Dispensary in Massachusetts (Buzzards Bay)

Bask, Inc. in Fairhaven, MA

Type: Medical and Recreational

While Fairhaven may be one of the smallest towns to make up the Buzzards Bay Area, the small town is home to one of the best dispensaries. Bask, Inc. is a combined cultivator and retailer with a focus on providing sun-grown cannabis in an eco-conscious greenhouse. Bask came to life in 2019 and has continued to maintain its core mission of providing quality cannabis grown just as nature intended. Customers say the dispensary offers some of the best medical-grade cannabis flower in the Southeastern part of the state, are always ready to offer sound cannabis advice, and truly care about every customer.

Visit One of the Best Recreational Dispensaries in Massachusetts

Are you planning a visit to Northeastern Mass? If so, we would love to serve you at Uma Flowers. As one of the best recreational dispensaries in Massachusetts, we take pride in our position as the conduit between people and quality cannabis. Take some time to look at our menu, explore our educational resources, and feel free to reach out with any questions.

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