Best MA Green Wednesday and Black Friday Deals 2023

Are you ready to capitalize on Green Wednesday once-a-year deals? In case you’re new to the cannabis world, Green Wednesday is like Black Friday for weed consumers. The day is celebrated as the second-largest weed holiday, with 420 being the largest. The best part is consumers can also find Massachusetts dispensary deals on Black Friday and Green Wednesday right here at Uma Flowers in Pepperell.

When Is Cannabis Black Friday?

The Wednesday before Thanksgiving Day is designated as Green Wednesday or Cannabis Black Friday. The idea is similar to the Black Friday deals shopping spree. Instead of consumer products, cannabis enthusiasts get to shop Black Friday cannabis deals at the lowest prices of the year. Green Wednesday began trending in 2017. Dispensaries saw a surge in weed purchases the Wednesday before Thanksgiving in 2017, as marijuana lovers stocked up for the holidays.

Best Massachusetts Dispensary Deals on Black Friday

Do your Green Wednesday and Black Friday bucket lists consist of products for energy, creativity, stress, relaxation, and sleep? No problem. Dispensaries have Black Friday cannabis deals to suit your pocket and desired effects. Massachusetts dispensary menus will feature specials, discounts, and bundled deals on the following cannabis products:

Massachusetts Dispensary Deals on Black Friday at Uma Flowers

Don’t risk running out of supply over the Thanksgiving holidays. Find all Black Friday cannabis deals at our Massachusetts dispensary. The secret to bigger savings on top-tier strains is shopping early before products fly off the shelves. Call 978-925-9220 for more info.

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