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Cannatini Gummies

Whether you are new to cannabis edibles or an experienced consumer, opting for top-quality brands enhances the experience. Cannatini edibles are the perfect example of a high-quality edible. With beverage-inspired flavors, a mix of infused ingredients, and straightforward potency, Cannatini gummies have a lot to offer.

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Cannatini Reviews

Excellent, first product I have taken that helps me fall asleep, and stay asleep all night. One can has truly changed my lives. I sleep all night, and wake up with zero grogginess! So happy I found this product!

D.B. Facebook Review via @Cannatini

The spiced apple sangria is heavenly, as well as the tropical sangria, prickly pear and sour apple martini.

B.D. Instagram Comment via @Cannatini

The best edible I have ever ate.

V.B. Facebook Comment via @Cannatini


Product Specs

Full Description:

Cannatini edibles, made by Milly Brands, are “Infused Adult Chews” made with highly potent and full-spectrum RSO (Rick Simpson Oil). The chews are flavored with organic fruit extracts and packed with delicious, unique flavor.

A unique thing about Cannatini gummies is the fact that they are made with the full spectrum of compounds from the cannabis plant instead of just a THC extract. Therefore, the gummies are said to support the proposed “entourage effect,” which means the cannabinoids and terpenes work together synergistically.

The Cannatini Gummies Product Line

Cannatini gummies are available in several flavors, each named after a popular beverage or mixed drink. The gummies have different active ingredients and cannabinoids depending on the flavor. The flavors available can include:

  • Cranberry Lime Mojito chews – Full-spectrum RSO Indica formula
  • Tropical White Sangria chews – Full-spectrum RSO Sativa formula
  • Spicy Strawberry Margarita chews – Full-spectrum RSO Hybrid formula
  • Wild Strawberry Bellini chews – 1:1 CBD and Delta-9 THC
  • Prickly Pear Martini chews – 1:1 Delta 8 and Delta-9 THC

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FAQs about Cannatini

How are Cannatini edibles made?

Cannatini chews are made by combing RSO extracts in different formulas with organic fruit flavors and other ingredients. Each product may have a different collection of specific ingredients, so be sure to check the label before making a purchase if you have specific dietary concerns.

How strong are Cannatini gummies?

Cannatini gummies contain 5mg of THC or other cannabinoids each. This is a typical starting dose with cannabis edibles and can be good for people targeting persistent symptoms.

How many Cannatini gummies should I take?

If you are accustomed to using THC edibles, one 5mg gummy should be enough. However, people with higher tolerances looking for stronger levels of euphoria may prefer to take two 5mg gummies. First-time edibles consumers may only need to take half of one gummy until they are comfortable with the effects.

What are people saying?

Cannatini gummies are a relatively new product. However, so far, the bulk of available Cannatini reviews are positive in terms of what people like about the flavors. Most people are fond of the unique flavors, touting them as absolutely delicious and yummy.

Where to Buy Cannatini Edibles in MA

Come See Us!

Cannatini edibles are available at both medical and recreational dispensaries in MA. The products are popular, however. Therefore, be sure to look for a dispensary that maintains a solid inventory.

Uma Flowers carries a full collection of cannabis edibles, including Cannatini gummies. Our MA dispensary menu is available online, so be sure to reserve your order ahead online for pickup.

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