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Church Cannabis

Church Cannabis is a line of marijuana merchandise manufactured by a multi-state company and renowned cannabis connoisseurs. Available to consumers are craft flower and vape cartridges and pods filled with super premium distillate extracted from award-winning phenotypes. At Uma Flowers, we only offer the best brands on the menu and have decided to introduce our customers to Church.

Church Cannabis Vape Pen

Reviews across the web

Church Cannabis Reviews

great price, top of the line CHURCH product. works very well. try one, or two

@mrracehorse Review on Weedmaps - May 2022

Like the title, We felt relaxed, giggly, horny. Recommend

@TheReginald420 Review on Weedmaps - October 2021

The taste reminds me of the after taste from a McDonald’s strawberry shake.

@The SH3D Review on Youtube - July 2019

Overall the Church cartridge is a good value. It’s one of the better cartridges out there but not the absolute best. If you are interested in the tops picks we have actually tried for ourselves check out our lists for the Best carts in California and the Best carts in Nevada.

Bert Blaze Review on - September 2020

About the Products

What are Church Cannabis Products?

The product collection includes an exotic array of indica, sativa, and hybrid flower as well as distillate derived from the most-talked-about strains.

Church Cannabis flower

  • Church OG
  • God’s Gift
  • Lemonade Cookie
  • Melonade
  • Pina Collision
  • Purple Punch
  • Strawberry Cough
  • Sundae Driver

Church vape pen

Church 510 Cartridges and M1 pods

The delightfully flavored cartridges hold enough super premium cannabis distillate for the ultimate vaping experience.

Church Cannabis FAQs

Who makes Church Cannabis brand products?

The name behind the brand is a multi-state business entity called Church Cannabis Co. The owners carefully source the finest flower from licensed growers known for their award-winning cultivars. The company prides itself on marketing only COA-certified hardware free of heavy metal. Just as important is the formulation of high-quality distillates containing all-natural terpenes and free of unwanted contaminants.

How potent is Church Cannabis?

It depends on whether you’re in the mood for Church vape pen or your choice of distillate cartridge. The Black Cherry Gelato All-In-One disposable vape on our menu rocks around 80.2%THC. The cartridges’ THC levels average 75%-85% and they hit hard.

How is Church Cannabis Co. distillate made?

Advanced extraction methods and a multi-step purification process are used to make the cannabis distillate for the vape pen and Church cartridge. According to the brand’s owners, their premium distillate concentrate is versatile and has the “Highest THC potency available.”

What’s the right amount of hits to take?

If you’re a newbie smoker and aren’t sure how to use church vape pen, consider experimenting with one puff and gradually increase to a comfortable tolerance level. The impressive quartz glass tank cartridges are customized with an airflow bezel that allows you to adjust your vaping experience.

What People are Saying about Church Cannabis

The brand’s reputation speaks for itself when you look at the thousands of 4 and 5 star reviews. Take God’s Gift Distillate Cart, for example. “Excellent for stress, anxiety, and paranoia: God’s Gift replaced Xanax!” confessed a reviewer. In the words of a reviewer who enjoyed ripping Church Cannabis Blue Alien Vape Cart: “This shiz rocks. Helps me sleep so well and I don’t wake up groggy.”

Shopping Church Cartridges and Vapes in Massachusetts?

Look no further than Uma Flowers, a top-of-the-line recreational dispensary serving consumers in Pepperell, MA. The shelves of our retail showroom are also lined with flower, pre-rolls, concentrates, edibles, and more from other famous brands. See what’s on the menu.

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