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Cookies Cannabis

If you’ve been into cannabis for a while, there’s no doubt that you’ve heard of the Cookies weed brand. Known for their Girl Scout Cookies (GSC) strain, the founders of Cookies cannabis are constantly working to provide customers with a top-notch product that creates a unique experience.


Product Specs

The company got its start in a San Francisco garage and is run by co-founders Berner and Jai. Together, the two have worked to develop unique strains that are now recognizable household names, including Cherry Pie, Biscotti, and Girl Scout Cookies. Together, the pair is proud to be recognized as two of the most premier cannabis growers in the world, constantly working to hone their craft and offer strains with new and exciting properties.

Cookies Product Line

The Cookies weed brand offers many products in its line, including flowers, concentrates, vape cartridges, prerolls, and mushroom caps. If you’re new to the Cookies line, feel free to stop in at Uma Flowers and chat with one of our associates about which of their products is the right fit for you.

Cookies FAQs

Who makes Cookies?

The San Francisco-based brand quickly moved from a garage-based business to a global powerhouse. The team at cookies now works with more than 70 growers, allowing them to have the reach that they need to create a premium cannabis experience for their customers.

How strong are Cookies products?

Cookies’ weed brand offers a variety of different strains to meet the needs of customers. Whether you’re looking for a mellow head high or a full body experience, you’ll be excited to find that Cookies has exactly what you’re looking for.

While the flower options allow controlling the amount of cannabis you consume, you may find that you prefer Cookies pre-roll options, which are a convenient way to get the THC you want whether you’re at home or on the go. THC-loaded mushroom caps can also be a great way to get the high that you want without dealing with the process of rolling a joint.

With Cookies weed products, it’s a good idea to start small while you assess your tolerance. At Uma Flowers, we can work with you to help you find the right strain for your needs, whether you’re searching for a pre-roll option that works for you or something that you can use to make your own joint at home.

Where to Buy Cookies Weed Brand in Massachusetts

At Uma Flowers, we’re here to work with you and help you find the right brand of weed for your needs, whether you’re looking for flowers to take home or pre-made edibles.

Where to Buy Cookies Cannabis in MA

Come See Us!

We’re excited to get to know you! Give us a call or stop in to our Pepperell, Massachusetts location to explore all that we have to offer from Cookies Cannabis. Whether it’s your first time in our shop or your hundredth time stopping in, we’re here to chat with you about all your cannabis needs. See you soon.

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