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Looking for Fernway vapes in MA? Cannabis vapes offer an alternative way to take in cannabinoids without grinding, smoke, or combustion. Without question, vape carts make vaping cannabinoids easy, and some brands truly make high-quality products. Fernway is an excellent example. Take a closer look at Fernway vapes below.

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Fernway Reviews

As someone who has been heavily disappointed by carts in MA in the past I can say without doubt that the Fernway carts I have had all have been stellar and worth every penny!

@meconway17 Comment on Reddit r/oilpen

Wild Mint is something else! I’ve had that one several times now. The minty-ness of it makes for a very unique, interesting feeling during the inhale. Quite potent too. Easily one of my most favorite cartridges ever.

@Aegislashing Comment on Reddit r/oilpen

The mintiness of it makes for such a unique THC cartridge. It’s a really good one with a great high.

@AnthonyNOTtony Comment on Reddit r/oilpen

Fernway Vapes:

Product Specs

Full Description:

Fernway offers a curated collection of Strain Collection and Flavor Line vape carts. The surgical-grade steel vape carts come preloaded with cannabis oil and natural terpenes in a shock-proof tank. Each cart is outfitted with a signature mouthpiece, optimized heating element, and the Fernway seal, so you know you have an authentic cartridge. The carts have a universal 510 thread, so they can be used with most batteries. However, Fernway recommends using a Fernway Stylus battery.

The Fernway Product Line

Fernway vapes in the Strain Collection are modeled after specific cannabis strains and made with natural terpenes. Those eight flavors include:

  • Red Headed Stranger
  • Black Magic
  • GG# 4
  • Tahoe OG
  • Bay Dream
  • Blue Mirage
  • Dutch Dragon
  • Snow Dog

Fernway also offers the Flavor Line, which are vapes that have been flavored with other natural flavors beyond terpenes. Some of those options include:

  • Berry Haze
  • Cranberry Jam
  • Berkshire Gold
  • Grapefruit
  • Stone Fruit
  • Wild Mint
  • Blueberry Cake
  • Homegrown

It should also be noted that the cartridges in either collection are available in either half-gram or gram sizes.

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Fernway Vapes FAQs

How long do Fernway carts last?

The half-gram carts are said to have around 150 puffs in each. And, the gram carts are said to have about 300 puffs. Of course, this can vary depending on the user.

How strong are Fernway vape carts?

The Fernway carts can have different THC potency levels depending on the product. The general range is between 83 and 88 percent THC. Be sure to check out the potency level of the specific product you want to try.

What’s in Fernway vape carts?

Fernway vape carts are made with distilled cannabis oil and terpenes or natural flavors. The carts do not contain filler ingredients.

Fernway Vape Cart Reviews – What do people have to say?

Fernway vape carts reviews are all-around positive. People seem to enjoy both the flavors and the experience with the different products. The brand consistently receives high remarks on the quality of the cartridges as well.

Where to Buy Fernway Vape Carts in MA

Come See Us!

Fernway cannabis vapes are available at cannabis dispensaries located throughout MA. Both medical and recreational dispensaries usually have the vape carts available due to their high-quality, well-tested composition.

Ready to try Fernway vapes? Be sure to take a look at our menu at Uma Flowers to see which varieties we have available at any given time. We fill our dispensary menu with a full collection of top-rated vape carts and disposable cannabis vapes.

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