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Gibby's Garden

Gibby’s Garden is a cannabis company in Massachusetts that prides itself on offering customers all-natural cannabis products (grown organically whenever possible). The team at Gibby’s works to create cannabis strains with top-notch medical benefits, allowing customers to use Gibby’s products to both treat health problems and get the relaxation they crave. Gibby’s offers sativa, indica, and hybrid strains, allowing customers to find the perfect blend.

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Gibby's Garden Reviews

Having smoked the pre-roll it definitely got me where I wanted to be in terms of the high and made my evening more enjoyable. If you want to support a local Massachusetts micro-business, definitely consider trying Gibby’s Gardens pre-rolls, I don’t think you’ll be disappointed.

Jeremiah MacKinnon Review via NEC News Today

Gibby's Garden definitely knows what they're doing

lazyman2999 Review via Reddit

I picked up their High Chew strain the other day and its awesome. Great smell, really far from the hay-smell a lot of poorly cured dispo strains have

Gibby's Garden:

Product Specs

Gibby’s Garden offers several products and strains to help you get the high that you’re looking for.

Gibby’s Garden products include pre-rolls, prepacked buds, and tinctures. We know that it can be tough to figure out exactly what type of cannabis product is the best fit for your needs, and we’re here to help. Whether you’re looking for OG Kush, Neville’s Haze, Moby Grape, Blue Dream, or another strain, our Gibby’s Garden products will help you meet all of your cannabis needs.

Gibby’s Garden FAQs

Who makes Gibby’s Garden?

Gibby’s Garden is a family-owned, women-owned cannabis business run out of Uxbridge, Massachusetts. The company got its start in 2017. The company is proud to stick to an all-natural standard, allowing customers to rest assured that they’re getting the natural cannabis they want — and nothing else.

Educator and microbiologist Kimberly Gibson is passionate about creating cannabis products that can help people with medical issues. Kimberly works with operations manager Fred Gibson and lead cultivator Joe Gibson to create the strains that Gibby’s customers know and love.

How strong are Gibby’s Garden Products?

The strength of Gibby’s Garden products varies, and you’ll be able to find the right combination of strains and products to meet all of your cannabis needs. Looking for an uplifting high that lends itself to creativity? You’ll want to check out Blue Dream, which will transport you to your most creative place while lifting you up with the gentle scent of lemons and other citrus fruits. Ready to chill out after a long day at work? You’ll want to check out Moby Grape, an indica-dominant strain that will leave you feeling chilled out and balanced. With a light bubblegum aroma, you’ll love the sweet terpenes that have an almost candy-like aftertaste.

How is Gibby’s Garden Cannabis Made?

Using the founder’s knowledge of microbiology, Gibby’s Garden products are made as naturally as possible. The pros at Gibby’s work to create the highest-quality strains with maximum medicinal properties, allowing customers to get both the relaxation they need and the medicinal benefits they expect.

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