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Happy Valley Vapes

The Happy Valley vape lineup offers a wide variety of vape cartridges and PAX pods. With their vape cartridges you can select from a number of terpene distillate strains, and with the PAX pods you can choose from a terpene distillate and live hash rosin strains.

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Happy Valley Vape Reviews

Happy Valley 1 Gram CO2 Oil Cartridge :) If you haven't seen or heard of this products I suggest them. They use AVD Cartridges, So far Zero Clogging and perfect smooth rips. Let me know what you guys think!

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Happy Valley Vapes:

Product Specs

Full Description:

Happy Valley came about from customers of the cannabis industry. Frustrated with the inconsistency, mislabeling, and false advertising of vapes, they decided to take matters into their own hands. Happy Valley aims to make consistent, verifiable, high-quality cannabis experience for you. They promise that with their vape carts, you will experience an authentic variety of cannabis, premium genetics, and nothing but consistency.

The Happy Valley Vape Lineup

Some of their vape cartridges and PAX pods have a high THC:CBD ratio, while the rest of the pods and cartridges contain only THC. If you’re looking for something other than vapes, Happy Valley also has a revered line of flower, edible, topicals, and tinctures!

And if you’re wondering just how good their lineup is, according to Leafly, Happy Valley has some of the best. Here are some of the awards their products have won:

  • High Times Cannabis Cup 2021: Massachusetts
  • Best Sativa Flower – Lemon Surprise
  • Best Hybrid Flower – White Wedding
  • 2nd Place Edibles: Gummies – Strawberry Margerita
  • 2nd Place Topicals/Tinctures – Remedy Tincture
  • 4th Place Sativa Vape – T.SAGE

What are people saying?

Reddit user u/BuckyWelsh says “Haven’t gotten anything but good quality bud from there…”

u/-Slan- had this to say: “Generally speaking cant go wrong with any of the strains, and typically aim to try different stuff each time. End game: Cookies is a seriously great indica. Can’t ever go wrong with white wedding (hybrid) or super lemon haze (sativa)”.

Finally, u/BreakdancingGorillas praised the consistency of Happy Valley Products, saying: “I’ve been an advocate of Happy Valley for a while now. Consistent quality. Simple pricing. Feels like a low hassle experience compared to some other places”.

As you can see, everything that Happy Valley promises is delivered again and again.

Where to Buy Happy Valley Vapes in Massachusetts

Come See Us!

You can find Happy Valley vapes at dispensaries all over Massachusetts. As a Massachusetts company, they have been sure that the people in their home state have access to their incredible products.

To save you the time and effort of finding a dispensary that carries Happy Valley Vapes we can tell you now that Uma Flowers has them! So if you’re in the market for a new brand of vape carts or PAX pods, visit us at Uma Flowers in Pepperell now, and we will help you find the exact Happy Valley product that will get you to your favorite level. Come in and shop today!

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