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Mile 62 Cosmic Cannabis

There’s no doubt about it – when you try Mile 62 Cosmic Cannabis, you’ll notice a difference. This high-value strain is carefully cultivated, providing the high that our customers want with an intense aroma that creates a one-of-a-kind experience.

Mile 62 Cosmic Cannabis:

Product Specs

The potency of Cosmic Cannabis is unmatched, as the folks at Mile 62 combine both legendary and unique strains of cannabis to create a flower that produces a sky-high experience. From the moment seedlings are planted to the moment flowers are packaged for the customer, Mile 62 growers carefully work to create the highest quality experience for the customer.

Who makes Cosmic Cannabis?

Mile 62 is a cannabis cultivation company that prides itself in creating a sky-high journey for any customers who are interested in taking their cannabis experience to the next level. The company is named for the 62nd mile above the Earth — the official boundary between the Earth’s atmosphere and space.

Mile 62 makes many well-known cannabis products, including melts and bubble hash. The growers at Mile 62 take pride in their products, and at Uma Flowers, we’re proud to pass on their hard work to you. Located in Fitchburg, Massachusetts, the company prides itself on working with local suppliers to create the fresh experience you crave.

How strong is Mile 62 Cosmic Cannabis?

In a word: intense. The high that you’ll get from Mile 62 Cosmic Cannabis is unrivaled, and we encourage you to start small if you’re new to the cannabis world. Our friends at Mile 62 pride themselves on creating a unique experience for customers, and you’ll find that Cosmic Cannabis offers a new, other-worldly smoking experience.

How is Cosmic Cannabis Made?

Cosmic Cannabis receives extra attention throughout the entire cultivation process, with the goal of creating the highest-quality cannabis product on the market today. Mile 62 Cannabis is hand-trimmed, allowing you to rest assured that your flowers have received the careful attention necessary to create a top-of-the-line smoking experience.

Mile 62 Cosmic Cannabis is available both in pre-packs and pre-rolls making it easy for you to use your Cosmic products simply, whether you’re at home or on the go. Freshness is key for the growers at Mile 62, and you’ll find that the packaging doesn’t absorb any of the terpenes present in your Cosmic Cannabis, allowing for a pure experience as soon as you open the package.

Mile 62 Cosmic Cannabis Review

Mile 62 Cannabis reviewers love the product’s intensity and consistency. The careful attention given to Mile 62 Cannabis during the growing process ensures that you’ll get the same high every time, whether you choose the pre-pack or pre-roll option.

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