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Mindy's Edibles

Those who prefer to eat their cannabis rather than smoke or vape it, take note – Mindy’s Edibles is one of Massachusetts’ premier cannabis companies. James Beard Award-winning chef Mindy Segal is the creative force behind the operation, bringing her experience in numerous top Chicago kitchens to the world of cannabis. In addition to delicious flavors, Mindy’s Edibles are produced with precise dosing for a reliable experience every time. The result is mouth-watering edibles known for using “distinctive ingredients in thoughtful and innovative ways”.

Mindy's Edibles

Mindy's Edibles:

Product Line

Mindy’s chef-led artisanal edibles focus on perfecting the two most common forms of edible cannabis: gummies and chocolates. Neither use GMOs and Mindy’s Edibles gummies are also vegetarian.


Mindy’s Edibles gummies are available in unique, tasty flavors like glazed clementine orange, cool key lime kiwi, lush black cherry, freshly picked berries, honey sweet melon, and botanical white grapefruit. They include two to five milligrams of THC per gummy, with some flavors pairing it with CBD.


These aren’t any ordinary chocolate bars. Try flavors like caramelized chocolate marshmallow graham, milk chocolate and peanut brittle, and dark chocolate almond toffee. With 10 milligrams of THC per piece, they pack a stronger punch than Mindy’s gummies.

Are Mindy’s Edibles Sativa or Indica?

Mindy’s Edibles are typically derived from hybrid cannabis strains that offer the best of uplifting sativas and relaxing indicas. This makes them suitable for a wide variety of situations, from hanging out with friends to relaxing on the couch with a movie.

Mindy’s Edibles Review

Those who want to know what to expect from Mindy’s Edibles should check the many positive testimonials online. A review from the Illinois News Joint called the flavors “more pronounced and natural tasting” than other gummies and praised the consistent effects. Meanwhile, several Reddit users volunteered Mindy’s as the best-tasting cannabis edibles available on the market. A reviewer on AskGrowers summed up the views of many when they asked, “Is there a better moment when you eat Mindys Edibles?”

Where to Buy Mindy's Edibles in MA

Come See Us!

Fortunately, Mindy’s Edibles Massachusetts availability is quite widespread. Dozens of dispensaries stock these top-tier products, from larger cities like Boston and Springfield to small-town locations from Cape Cod to western Massachusetts. Some dispensaries even allow you to buy Mindy’s Edibles online for in-store pickup.

Buy Mindy’s Edibles at Uma Flowers

While there are plenty of answers to “Where can I buy Mindy’s Edibles?” there’s only one right one – Uma Flowers in Pepperell, MA. This family-owned, woman-led dispensary offers a wide selection of Mindy’s Edibles at affordable prices, as well as a vast selection of other cannabis products, from flower and pre-rolls to concentrates and vaporizers. It’s all served up by skilled, friendly budtenders ready to help in any way they can.

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