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Miss Grass

Miss Grass is a cannabis company focusing on sustainably grown, terpene-rich flower, with strains carefully tailored to the situation and effects you’re looking for. It calls itself “weed for the times,” and offers an opportunity for a curated cannabis experience in a convenient form. Miss Grass is also dedicated to cannabis education, offering resources and classes for enthusiasts.

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Miss Grass:

Product Line

Miss Grass focused on two products crafted to the company’s exacting standards:

Miss Grass Prerolls: Miss Grass offers unique 0.4-gram prerolls generally sold in packs of five, separated by their desired usage and effects. Those looking for an uplifting, active high can opt for Miss Grass Fast Times, a Sativa-forward strain. In contrast, tokers in need of some relaxation can fire up a Miss Grass Quiet Times preroll, offering Indica effects. There’s also the versatile All Times strain, perfect for enhancing any situation.

For an even more elevated experience, Miss Grass provides its Sparks prerolls, two-packs of 0.3-gram “Diamond Infused” options with THCa, or its two-packs of infused half-gram “Slims.”

Miss Grass Flower: Those who’d like to roll their own or enjoy the Miss Grass smoking experience in other ways can buy flower on its own in the same reliable strains. Flower is sold is “Generous Eighths” of 4.2 grams or half-ounce sizes.

Miss Grass Review

It’s not surprising for a high-quality company, but Miss Grass reviews are more evidence of why this brand is worth picking up. On Thingtesting, the brand has a 4.71 out of 5 star rating, with some words like “excellent” and “absolutely perfect” used to describe the company’s offerings. Others praised the size of the personal joints as well as the packaging. Comments on Reddit were positive too, with one user writing “I was shocked how that little thing could pack such a big punch.”

Where to Buy Miss Grass in MA

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Fortunately, tokers likely won’t have to go far to find their Miss Grass fix in Massachusetts. It’s available at dozens of dispensaries across the Bay State, from the Boston suburbs to the small towns near the New York border. Naturally, most are typically located in or near the state’s most prominent cities.

Buy Miss Grass at Uma Flowers

The best place to find quality products like those from Miss Grass is at an equally quality dispensary like Uma Flowers in Pepperell, MA. This family-owned, women-led dispensary stocks only the best, with extensive testing to ensure products are safe and pure for customers. In addition to a selection of Miss Grass flower and prerolls, Uma Flowers offers an extensive mix of edibles, vapes, concentrates, topicals, tinctures, and much more. Plus, buyers can rely on the industry’s most knowledgeable and friendly budtenders for a recommendation or prompt, accurate service.

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