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Miss Grass

Miss Grass calls itself “weed for the times” – a motto that it lives up to with premium prerolls and other products designed for all the various moods and situations that everyday tokers encounter. This high-end, community-minded cannabis company is available in five states, including Massachusetts.

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Miss Grass:

Product Line

Miss Grass prerolls are most commonly available as “Minis,” with five-packs of 0.4-gram joints (alongside a convenient matchbook). The premium cannabis inside comes in three distinct varieties, allowing smokers to customize their experience to their needs and desires:

  • Fast Times: This is Miss Grass’ Sativa-dominant preroll, rich in a unique blend of terpenes and cannabinoids designed to allow users to bloom and play.
  • Quiet Times: Those who prefer the more relaxing effects of Indica-dominant strains can opt for Quiet Times instead, designed to anchor and restore users.
  • All Times: The most versatile of Miss Grass cannabis strains, these prerolls fit any situation and go anywhere you can. This hybrid strain is designed to encourage harmony and flow among those partaking.

In addition, smaller two-packs of 0.3-gram pre-rolls called Sparks are available in each of the three main strains and can also be “diamond-infused” with THCa, a popular and effective cannabinoid. Fans of Miss Grass cannabis who prefer other smoking methods can also buy flower itself, available in either half-ounce or “generous eighth” (4.2 grams) serving sizes.

Alternatively, Miss Grass also produces Hemp + Herb minis, crafted from organic CBD that’s fully legal in all 50 states. These provide many of the pleasurable mood-enhancing effects of cannabis without the intoxication from the traditional “high.”

Miss Grass Review

The many glowing Miss Grass reviews across the web and among the cannabis community are another sign of the quality of this premium product. Reviewers on gave it over 4.7 out of 5 stars, with praise for the versatility of the different strains, the high-end packaging, and overall experience. Meanwhile, Reddit posters who tried the prerolls noted they were “shocked how that little thing could pack such a big punch.”

Where to Buy Miss Grass in MA

Come See Us!

Bay State tokers likely won’t have to go far to enjoy Miss Grass prerolls and other products. Dozens of recreational and medical dispensaries across Massachusetts stock Miss Grass cannabis. These are located in both small towns and big cities, ranging across all regions of the Commonwealth for convenient access.

Buy Miss Grass at Uma Flowers

Despite the many choices, the best one is clear – Uma Flowers, in Pepperell MA. This woman-led, family-owned dispensary stocks your favorite Miss Grass items alongside a wide selection of Massachusetts’ most highly tested and pure cannabis products. Shoppers can count on incredible value on a vast mix of products, complemented by friendly service from the industry’s best budtenders. Stop in today to see why it’s the go-to spot for so many.


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