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If you are on the lookout for a well-known but locally based cannabis brand, Nature’s Heritage is a go-to option. This brand gets excellent reviews due to its unique product line and the wide range of Nature’s Heritage strains available. Take a closer look at the Nature’s Heritage brand and what they have to offer below.

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Nature's Heritage Reviews

As someone who has been heavily disappointed by carts in MA in the past I can say without doubt that the Fernway carts I have had all have been stellar and worth every penny!

@meconway17 Comment on Reddit r/oilpen

Wild Mint is something else! I’ve had that one several times now. The minty-ness of it makes for a very unique, interesting feeling during the inhale. Quite potent too. Easily one of my most favorite cartridges ever.

@Aegislashing Comment on Reddit r/oilpen

The mintiness of it makes for such a unique THC cartridge. It’s a really good one with a great high.

@AnthonyNOTtony Comment on Reddit r/oilpen

Fernway Vapes:

Product Specs

Full Description:

Nature’s Heritage is a top cannabis brand based in Massachusetts and Maryland. The brand is known for cultivating unique strains by combining genetics from some top cultivars from around the globe. NH offers a full collection of premium cannabis flower, but also concentrates, vape cartridges, pre-rolls, and more.

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Nature’s Heritage Strains

Nature’s Heritage offers a number of different strains depending on the growing season. These strains are available in both flower and pre-roll forms. No matter the strain, the company cures every bud to perfection and every nugget is hand-trimmed to retain its natural quality. Some top Nature’s Heritage strains include:

  • Dosi Woah
  • G13 Skunk
  • RGB Haze
  • Mandarin Jack
  • Ethos Chem
  • Local Skunk

In addition to pre-rolls and flower, NH offers a nice lineup of top-quality concentrates, including live resin, twerp sauce, and bubble hash.

Nature’s Heritage FAQs

Where is Nature’s Heritage cannabis grown?

Nature’s Heritage cannabis is grown in both Maryland and Massachusetts. The company is known for cultivating cannabis cultivars using different strain genetics. Therefore, they work to gather strains with the most noteworthy flavor and cannabinoid profiles and bring new options to life.

How strong is a Nature’s Heritage vape pen?

Nature’s Heritage offers a full collection of vape carts made from cannabis distillate, but each is modeled after the specific strain it is made out of. Therefore, potencies with a Nature’s Heritage vape pen can vary depending on the strain.

What are Nature’s Heritage pre-rolls?

Nature’s Heritage pre-rolls are ready-to-smoke joints that have been pre-filled with a gram of premium cannabis flower. Occasionally, NH also offers mini pre-rolls, which contain a half-gram of flower.

What do people have to say?

Nature’s Heritage gets stellar reviews from every angle for the quality of its products. Consumers offer positive remarks for everything from the quality of the experience and the unique strains to how well the products are packaged.

Where to Buy Nature's Heritage Cannabis in MA

Come See Us!

Nature’s Heritage cannabis products can be found at most MA dispensaries, including medical and adult-use establishments. Due to the fact that the brand is a local operation, many local dispensaries try to keep the products available. Ready to get a closer look at the Nature’s Heritage brand? Be sure to check out the Uma Flowers menu. We offer several of the brand’s products, including concentrates, pre-rolls, and flower. Don’t forget—you can order ahead online for convenient pickup.

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