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Neighborgoods cannabis company works to produce high-end, locally grown cannabis products that customers can depend on. Whether you’re looking for concentrates, flower, or vapes, Neighborgoods has the high-quality cannabis to create a fantastic experience.


Product Line

Neighborgoods offers vapes, concentrate, flower, and pre-rolls.

Popular Neighborgoods strains include:

  • Bumpy Ride–This Mandarin Sunset and California Black Rose cross is Indica dominant. Customers state that the Bumpy Ride strain leaves some people feeling sleepy, some people feeling energetic, and the vast majority of people in a euphoric mood.
  • Freezie Pop–A combination of the Velvet Glove and Peanut Butter Breathe strains, Freezie Pop is known for providing physical pain relief along with a calming euphoric effect. The strain produces a calming high that’s complemented by its sweet and fruity taste.
  • Hot Mess–Another Velvet Glove and Peanut Butter Breathe cross, Hot Mess is the perfect fit for kicking back and relaxing on the couch for a night in. The strain produces a full-body high, and many customers feel that it’s equally uplifting and relaxing–without getting them energized and unable to sleep.
  • Midnight Snack–Like Bumpy Ride, this strain is a cross of Mandarin Sunset and California Black Rose. Customers state that they feel the high of Midnight Snack almost immediately, and that the strain provides notes of citrus, pine, and spice.

Neighborgoods FAQs

Where is Neighborgoods produced?

Currently, Neighborgoods is produced in Massachusetts and Ohio. The company is dedicated to growing locally.

How is Neighborgoods concentrate formulated?

The Neighborgoods concentrate products are created using fresh-frozen cannabis sourced from one strain–no additives included. The company’s live resin concentrate formulation process uses only whole flower extract.

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Rollie Pollie (Rollins X White 91) (Hybrid): The aroma of Rollie Pollie is a blend of lemon candy and fresh linen when you first open the jar. As you break it apart, the strong and sweet gas scent becomes more prominent. This hybrid is well-balanced and is a great strain for daily use, whether you’re getting things done around the house or exercising. After consuming, you can expect an uplifting and energizing high that helps relieve stress and alleviate pain.

Review via mg Magazine

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