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Looking for RYTHM cannabis products? You have no doubt chosen to look for top-quality cannabis products if that happens to be the case. RYTHM is a major name in cannabis, and they bring forth everything from carefully curated flower to disposable vape pens. Take a closer look at the RYTHM cannabis line of products and what to expect below.


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Rythm Reviews

I got Tangerine and had a very good heady, high energy high. It’s great bc I don’t always get that “clear” of a high (if that makes sense) when I use carts.

@gordonious Comment on Reddit r/MDEnts/

I had one called Space cowboy. Definitely the best tasting cart I've ever had, tasted like bud. I feel like alot if the other brands I've tried taste like pinesal.

@slynootles Comment on Reddit r/MDEnts/

I have a lot of luck with rythm. Whatever is different about their strains seem to help me better than most other I've tried.

@briguy24 Comment on Reddit r/MDEnts/

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Product Specs

Full Description:

RYTHM offers a full collection of true-to-plant products, including RYTHM cannabis, RYTHM vapes, and RYTHM concentrates. The brand is known for honoring the plant no matter what type of product it is that you try, which has made RYTHM one of the most prominent names in cannabis. RYTHM offers a massive collection that boasts hundreds of products.

RYTHM Cannabis Product Line

RYTHM Flower

RYTHM cannabis options are made up of expertly grown flower with some of the most sought-after strains. The brand offers a mix of both new strains and classic strains, and the availability of RYTHM cannabis varies at any given time. Some top choices include:

  • Jack Herer
  • Brownie Scout
  • Purple Urkle
  • Tangie
  • Sour Diesel

RYTHM Vape Options

RYTM offers a full collection of cannabis vapes, including both disposable RYTHM vape pens and CO2 cartridges. Whether you pick up a disposable vape pen or the brand’s CO2 cartridges, you’re getting full-spectrum CO2 oil that contains 100 percent strain-specific terpenes. So, the end result is a vape experience as close to the natural plant as possible. Each RYTHM vape is named for the strain it is made from. Top options include:

  • 300mg disposable vape pens in strains like Acid Dough and Brownie Scout
  • 500mg and 1g CO2 cartridges in strains like French King and Phantom Cookies
  • 500mg PAX pods in strains like Killer Queen and Orange Herijuana

RYTHM Concentrates

RYTHM concentrates include live resin (aka live sugar) and terp sap. These highly potent concentrates are made using terpene-rich plant extracts. And, they are lab-tested for potency and purity for user safety. Some top options include:

  • Lucky Charms Balance Live Sugar
  • Sour Diesel Live Sugar
  • Dutch Treat Live Sugar


Who makes RYTHM cannabis products?

RYTHM cannabis products are brought to life by Green Thumb Industries (GTI). GTI is a national cultivator and processor of cannabis with several operations in multiple states in the country.

How potent are RYTHM vape pens?

RYTHM vape pens vary in potency depending on the specific strain they are made from. For example, a Durban vape pen is 71 percent THC, while a French King RYTHM vape pen is 72.5 percent THC.

Are RYTHM products tested for purity?

RYTHM products are well-tested for contaminants and cannabinoid profiles. The brand sets the standard in the cannabis industry in terms of safety and quality. Therefore, every RYTHM product is thoroughly examined before it goes to distributing dispensaries.

Where to Buy Rythm Cannabis Products in MA

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RYTHM cannabis products are available at both recreational and medical dispensaries throughout MA. Be sure to check out the Uma Flowers menu to catch RYTHM vape pens, concentrates, and more at our MA dispensaries.

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