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Simply Herb Cannabis Products

Simply Herb cannabis products give you the cannabis experience you want at a price that makes sense for your wallet. From flower to popcorn to shake, Simply Herb products are all-natural, allowing you to rest assured that you’re getting the cannabis you want–and nothing else.

At Simply Herb, cannabis is done simply. The company prides itself on creating a consistent cannabis experience, allowing you to rely on your cannabis products to create the same effect, every time.

Reviews across the web

Simply Herb Reviews

I picked up the bio Chem/Black d.o.g and it's actually pretty good for the price, good size buds and smell overall.

Nade_whO Review via Reddit

I was pleasantly surprised with my sole Simply Herb grab so far, 7g Apple Fritter popcorn. Full, decent-sized buds with nice aroma and effects priced at $10/g?? I’ll take that all day.

Fhoulan Review via Reddit

I got the Apple Fritter 14G Shake from Simply Herb and it’s freaking legit!!!! Decided to pull the trigger on the Shake after contemplating if I should for a couple of days….glad I did.

IMOMJ Review via Reddit

Simply Herb:

Product Specs

When you choose Simply Herb cannabis, you’ll know that you’re getting the pure cannabis, every time. Simply Herb cannabis offers customers many different product options, including:

  • Flower: When you choose Simply Herb flower, you’ll know from the second you open your container that you’ve made the right a choice. The aromatic nugs produce a fantastic cannabis smoking experience.
  • Popcorn: Prefer smaller buds? With Simply Herb popcorn nugs, you’ll get buds that are slightly smaller than the full-flower nugs you’ll find in Simply Herb flower. Simply Herb popcorn buds give you the same potency as a larger nug.
  • Shake: Sometimes, it makes sense to use cannabis with a fine consistency when you’re packing a bowl. Simply Herb shake is great for joint rolling and bowl packing.
  • Pre-rolls: Nothing beats the convenience and potency of a Simply Herb pre-roll. If you’re in Massachusetts, you’re in luck–it’s currently the only state where Simply Herb pre-rolls are sold.

Simply Herb Cannabis Products FAQs

What varieties of cannabis are offered by Simply Herb?

Simply Herb offers pre-rolls, shake, popcorn, and flower. Pre-rolls are only available in the state of Massachusetts.

Simply Herb Cannabis Products Review

When it comes to Simply Herb, the beauty of the product is in the name. Each product gives customers all of the cannabis that they want, and none of the additives they’d rather stay away from. With options including pre-rolls, shake, popcorn, and flowers, customers get the chance to customize their cannabis experience.

Where to Buy Simply Herb in MA

Come See Us!

If you’re in Massachusetts, you’re in luck–your local Uma Flowers dispensary has all the Simply Herb products you’re looking for. Be sure to check out the selection of pre-rolls, as they’re only available in Massachusetts.

Buy Simply Herb Cannabis Products at Uma Flowers

Searching for Simply Herb popcorn mugs, pre-rolls, flower, or other products? Stop by Uma Flowers to meet all of your cannabis needs, and to find the Simply Herb products that will help you create the perfect cannabis experience. Not sure which product is the right fit for you? Chat with a friendly budtender about how to choose the right Simply Herb product for you.

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