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Trailstix Pre Rolls

The Trailstix Slack pack is the perfect way to get the weed you want on your – and nothing else. When you choose a Trailstix Slack Pack, you’re only getting the pre-rolled essentials that you need, allowing you to have exactly what you want on the trail without weighing you down unnecessarily.

Trailstix Pre Rolls:

Product Info

When you’re ready to hit the mountains for a great day of hiking, you don’t want to bring a single extra item that could weigh you down, zapping your energy with every step. Between your water, food, and other gear, you have enough to carry.

Bringing your weed is key to your hiking experience, but it can be tough to pack up all your equipment to roll your own joints, especially when you’re worried about breaking something or being hurt by broken materials. Pre-rolled joints are the perfect way to keep your weed with you along the way as you enjoy all that mother nature has to offer from base camp to your summit. The perfect product for this is a Trailstix Pre Roll!

Trailstix Slack Pack Review

The quality of Trailstix is super-high–producer Sira Naturals came through (as usual) with this pre-rolled option. As soon as you open the box, you’ve got everything you need to enjoy a solid high as you cruise through the mountains (or hang out at home while you relax after a long day at work).

Where are Trailstix Made?

Trailstix are made in Massachusetts and were carefully designed for the needs of Massachusetts outdoor enthusiasts. Sira Naturals knows that people in Massachusetts have high standards for their weed, and the company has worked tirelessly to ensure they’re providing consumers with the cleanest product possible.

Where to Buy Trailstix Pre Rolls in MA

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