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Whether you are new to cannabis edibles or an experienced consumer, opting for top-quality brands enhances the experience. Wana Gummies edibles are the perfect example of a high-quality edible. Made with high quality ingredients and cutting-edge innovation, Wana gummies are a great choice for an edible.

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Wana Gummies Reviews

In short, these gummies live up to their claims, taste great, come in interesting flavors and come from a truly stand-up team of people over at Wana. That’s a Three Wells two thumbs up on these quality gummies.

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The Sour Raspberry hybrid and Sour Mango sativa gummies also contained their respective namesake flavors and were as tasty as candy-store gummies.

Illinois News Joint Online Review via Illinois News Joint

My review is two thumbs up for Wana Fit. I’d recommend these gummies to anyone looking for a new tool to change daily habits and form new, healthier ones.

HelloMD Online Review via HelloMD

Wana Gummies:

Product Specs

What are Wana Gummies?

Wana Gummies are cannabis-infused treats that are both delicious and provide you with all the health benefits you expect from cannabis. If you’re health conscious, you can rest easy while enjoying Wana Gummies–these products are made without high-fructose corn syrup. Curious about “how many calories do Wana Gummies have?” Good news–each edible comes in at just 20 calories.

It’s also easy to bring Wana Gummies with you wherever you go. If you’re a fan of gummies in general, you’ve likely had the unpleasant experience of having a gummy melt in your purse, your car, or worse–in your pocket. Wana Gummies are highly melt-resistant and able to withstand high temperatures, making it easy for you to cart your THC/CBD product wherever you need to go.

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FAQs about Wana Gummies

Are Wana Gummies vegan?

Yes, Wana Gummies are a vegan product. Wana Gummies ingredients include organic cane sugar, tapioca syrup, pectin, citric acid, natural flavoring and coloring, sodium citrate, modified food starch, xanthin gum, CBD, THC, and sea salt. The product is gluten-free as well as vegan.

How strong are Wana Gummies?

Each Wana Gummie contains 5mg of THC. The strawberry margarita flavor also contains 5mg of CBD. Most users report that they feel a head high about five to ten minutes after consuming the gummies.

How many Wana Gummies should I take?

We recommend starting off slow, especially if you’re a first-time gummy user. Take just half a gummy to see how it affects you before moving on to a larger dose. If you feel good with half a dose, feel free to step it up to a full gummy the next time you’re ready for a relaxing experience.

Wana Gummies Review

Users love Wana Gummies both for their delicious taste and ability to deliver. Fan favorite flavors include peach bellini, pina colada, and strawberry margarita. These gummies get to work fast, taking effect in less than ten minutes for most users (compared to the hour or more wait required for some edible products to take effect.

The effect of Wana Gummies tends to be a relaxed, pleasant experience–not super-giddy or super-sleepy. Users state that the gummy’s effects last for more than two hours.

Where to Buy Wana Gummies in MA

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You’ll be able to find Wana Gummies at many THC and CBD dispensaries across the state.

Uma Flowers carries a full collection of cannabis edibles, including Wana Gummies. Our MA dispensary menu is available online, so be sure to reserve your order ahead online for pickup.

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