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For those who don't enjoy smoking or vaping, cannabis edibles are a delightful alternative. Depending on the type of edible, cannabis is typically slower to take effect when ingested. Note: the high induced by edibles can feel much stronger than other forms of consumption.

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Cannabis Edibles

What Are Cannabis Edibles?

Traditionally, edibles were thought to be gummies, chocolate bars, or some otherwise-sweet candy. However, the term “edibles” refers to any edible that contains psychoactive levels of THC. In today’s cannabis landscape, you can expect to find a variety of options.

When cannabis is consumed through edibles, the THC travels through the stomach and liver before entering the bloodstream. The effects can start anywhere between 30 minutes and two hours after ingestion and last for up to four hours.

The effects of cannabis are also more intense when ingested than when smoked or vaped. Some people make their own edibles using high-quality cannabis flowers. But for those who aren’t home bakers, purchasing pre-made edibles is an easy and popular alternative.

Benefits of Cannabis Edibles

  • Odorless – can be taken on the go.
  • Smokeless – no need for inhalation, optimal for non-smokers.
  • Potent – ingesting THC through edibles provides a more intense “high” than other forms of consumption.
  • Duration – effects begin mild and increase gradually over a few hours (depending on potency).


How Long Do Edibles Last?

Edibles typically take effect within 30 to 90 minutes. Many factors can affect this number, like your body’s metabolism, your age, the food you’ve eaten, and more. Most chewable edibles (gummies, chocolates, & baked goods) kick in within 60 and 180 minutes.

Why Buy Edibles in MA?

Massachusetts is one of only 18 states that have legalized cannabis products for adult use. As a result, it’s completely legal to buy edibles in MA. Legal edibles provide cannabinoid and terpene breakdown and are regulated to ensure their purity and potency, that way users know exactly what they are consuming.

Where to Buy Edibles in MA

Looking to buy edibles in MA? Look no further than Uma Flowers! We are a locally owned, family-run dispensary operating in Pepperell, MA. Stop by our retail showroom in Pepperell, MA, for fine edibles that include gelato, peanut butter cups, ice cream, sorbet, chocolate bars, and more. Or conveniently place your order online.

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