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In today’s cannabis market, you can find almost anything that is THC-infused. Our goal at Uma is to supply each of our customers with a variety of cannabis products that speak to their specific needs, and flower is the product of choice for the vast majority of Massachusetts residents. Check out our selection!

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Cannabis Flower

What Is Cannabis Flower?

Cannabis flower is the fully matured bud of cannabis plants that have been harvested, trimmed, dried & cured. As compared to other cannabis products types, flower goes through very little processing from cultivation to dispensary.

Before flower reaches our dispensary shelves, it goes through laboratory testing to ensure potency & purity. When you buy cannabis from us, you won’t have to worry about harmful additives or contaminants.

Different Strains of Cannabis Flower

In Massachusetts and elsewhere, cannabis is broken down into three main denominations: indica, sativa & hybrid.

  • Indica Strain: Known to induce a calming effect – used to promote sleep and relaxation.
  • Sativa Strain: Known to induce an energizing effect – used to improve focus and creativity.
  • Hybrid Strain: Known to induce a range of effects, depending on the hybrid ratio.

For a long time, these strains were known to produce these individual results. As more research is done, we are learning that terpene and cannabinoid content actually contributes more to the range of effects than strain types.

Cannabis flower for sale in MA is classified by chemovars instead of strains. Chemovars are identified as Type I (High THC), Type II (High CBD), and Type III (THC/CBD combined).

Benefits of Cannabis Flower

  • Versatile – can be smoked, vaped, used to make edibles & concentrates.
  • Speed – when smoked or vaped, cannabis flower is the fastest acting consumption method.
  • Natural – aside from being harvested, trimmed & cured, flower is unaltered.


Popular Uses of Cannabis Flower

People use cannabis for a multitude of different reasons from pain and anxiety relief, to improving focus and motivation. Additionally, smoking cannabis flower is the fastest-acting method of consumption as compared to edibles or tinctures. Flower can be consumed in many ways, too.

  • Joint – grinded flower rolled up with joint paper.
  • Pipe/Bowl – grinded flower packed into the bowl of the pipe.
  • Bong/Bubbler – grinded flower packed into the bowl of a water pipe.
  • Vaporizer – grinded flower packed into a dry herb vaporizer. Here’s how to vape weed.

Why Buy Cannabis Flower in MA?

As of 2016, Massachusetts passed legislation to allow the sale of adult-use & medical cannabis, whereas cannabis is not yet legal throughout the United States. For neighboring states without cannabis legalization, like New Hampshire, buying cannabis in Massachusetts offers a dependable option for high-quality & diverse cannabis products.

Where to Buy Cannabis Flower in MA

At Uma Flowers! We are a locally owned, family-run dispensary with a direct focus on cannabis for wellness. All of our products are tested by independent labs to ensure their safety and purity. Located in Pepperell, MA, we are proud to provide our community with access to dependable cannabis products.

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