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Breaking it down:

New Hampshire Weed Dispensaries

You may not have access to a New Hampshire dispensary without being a medical cannabis patient, but you are welcome to make your way across state lines to pay us a visit at Uma Flowers in Massachusetts. Our recreational dispensary in Pepperell, MA is less than 15 minutes from NH. You’ll find our recreational dispensary just across the Nashua River and Nashua River Rail Trail on Tarbell Street. We have high-quality cannabis, a welcoming environment, and ample education for those new to recreational cannabis use.

What to Expect When at Our Dispensary Near New Hampshire

Our dispensary is a large-scale facility with around 2,900 square feet of floor space, and ample parking outside for every customer that stops in for a visit. We ensure you have room to look around and make yourself comfortable as you learn about cannabis and examine our extensive selection. We offer:

  • A secure vestibule where customers are checked in
  • A comfortable lounge for education and information about cannabis
  • A premier retail showroom filled with hand-sourced, premium-quality products

Our dispensary is clean and simplistic, just like our cannabis. From the brand-new cannabis consumer to the experienced buyer, we want you to feel invited, welcome, and absolutely pleased with our service and collection.

Can New Hampshire Residents Purchase Weed in MA?

NH residents are absolutely legally allowed to travel to Massachusetts to purchase weed from a licensed adult-use dispensary. You are not legally allowed to purchase cannabis in MA and take it back home to NH because this would be transporting cannabis across state lines. Doing so is currently against the law. Therefore, be sure to make arrangements to stay in MA after your purchase until you have consumed your purchased products.

Is Weed Legal in NH?

NH legalized medical cannabis in 2013 and began selling medical cannabis in 2016. However, as of 2022, NH is the only remaining state in the New England area that has not yet legalized cannabis for recreational use.

To make matters even more restrictive, possessing cannabis in NH if you are not a medical patient is still illegal, even though the state has taken steps to try to decriminalize passing cannabis in a small amount. It is still possible to face fines for possessing as little as 3/4 of an ounce or less.

Thankfully, there are no laws against traveling to surrounding MA dispensaries to purchase cannabis. For example, you can plan a trip to Uma Flowers in Pepperell, MA to purchase adult-use cannabis, which is right across the state line.

Are There Cannabis Dispensaries in NH?

Currently, there are three medical dispensary brands in the state, all of which offer more than one location. Dispensaries in NH are referred to as Alternative Treatment Centers (ATCs). The medical dispensaries in NH include:

  • Prime Alternative Treatment Centers of NH in Chichester and Merrimack
  • Temescal Wellness in Keene, Diver, and Lebanon
  • Sanctuary ATC in Conway and Plymouth

NH has been extremely conservative when issuing licenses for new medical dispensaries. The state bases the decision to open new locations on the demand for cannabis in certain areas. Also, when a patient is granted a medical marijuana license in NH, they must register to shop at a “preferred ATC” dispensary only. In the event patients want to make a change to a different ATC, they have to submit a request.

Staying in MA After Traveling from NH?

If you are traveling from NH to MA to purchase cannabis, you may decide to stay overnight, and MA has no shortage of accommodations to make you feel right at home. In fact, there are some good options not far from the Uma Flowers dispensary for anywhere from $150 to $200 per night, such as:

If you prefer something other than a hotel or motel, be sure to check out the Airbnb listings in the Pepperell area that rent from as little as $80 per night. You can rent everything from private rooms to full homes for your overnight stay.

Getting Around in MA

If you are planning to travel from NH to Pepperell, MA, you will be pleased to know that Uber and Lyft are both available in the area. Both offer reasonable prices, usually charging per mile with a minimum-fare fee per trip. Some Uber and Lyft drivers will even take you across state lines, which means you may be able to get a ride from across the state line to get here for your stay.

New Hampshire Dispensary FAQ’s

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Why Visit Uma Flowers in MA?

The Uma Flowers cannabis dispensary aims to offer a safe, clean, and pure cannabis experience to every customer. Here are a few reasons our customers appreciate us, and why you may want to stop in for a visit.

Family and Female-Owned

Our 100 percent family-owned, female-led operation is totally invested in the community and the future of cannabis wellness. As a woman-owned company, we bring a new perspective to a predominantly male industry. The fact that we are family-owned means we don’t have to rely on outside investors to keep our dispensary going. What we want for our customers is what we provide, and what our customers want matters the most.

Customer Care Over Profit

We prioritize the care of our patients and customers over profits, and we are utterly dedicated to operating to the highest standards. While we do also work with outside suppliers, we are exceptionally careful with our selections. Our staff members are completely dedicated to taking care of you while you are at our dispensary. Take your time, ask questions, and get to know our friendly employees who will be more than willing to help.

Hands-On Cannabis Cultivation

Uma Flowers’ future plans include an indoor cultivation facility  With a simple growing methodology that yields a safe, clean end result with every product, we want to take the time to get to know our products up-close and personally. Each product we sell is tested in third-party labs for purity and potency. We want our customers and patients to know exactly what they are getting when they come to us for their needs.


Visiting From NH? Here are our favorite things to do nearby…

If you’re making the journey to our Massachusetts dispensary near NH, you may want to make a day out of your trip. After all, there are some really cool things to do on the way to our dispensary from New Hampshire.

We are situated in a beautiful part of New England, and we believe it’s best to be active and in nature, especially when using cannabis. Want some more recommendations? Stop in and ask our budtenders!

Common FAQs from NH Residents

Is it legal for NH residents to purchase cannabis in Massachusetts?

Adult-use cannabis is not yet legal in NH, but residents are free to travel to a recreational dispensary near New Hampshire to purchase cannabis products. It should be further noted that the recreational use of cannabis in NH has been decriminalized, but you still cannot consume or possess cannabis within the boundaries of the state unless you have a medical marijuana card issued by the state. For this reason, it is best to consume your MA-purchased cannabis before heading home—otherwise, you could be in legal peril.

Can NH medical marijuana patients buy cannabis in MA?

NH patients are assigned a preferred dispensary when they register as medical marijuana patients. If you have been designated with a medical New Hampshire dispensary, you must request your preferred dispensary be changed. Due to variances in state laws regarding medical cannabis, medical cannabis must be purchased within the state.

How much cannabis can you buy?

Even though you are an out-of-state resident, you will be governed by the laws within the state of Massachusetts when it comes to purchasing limits. In MA, adult customers are allowed to buy up to one ounce of cured flower and five grams of cannabis concentrates at one time. You also have access to edibles, up to 20 servings or up to 100mg of THC.

What do I bring with me to the dispensary?

In order to buy cannabis at our dispensary near NH, you must offer a valid state-issued ID. Your NH driver’s license is perfectly fine, just be sure the ID has not expired before you head our way. Keep in mind, we are only able to serve customers who are over the age of 21.

Where are the nearest NH towns to your dispensary?

We are situated fewer than 10 miles from the New Hampshire border. Some of the closest NH towns to our dispensary are:

Uma Flowers

We hope to see you on your wellness journey!

At Uma Flowers, we believe in cannabis for a sound mind and a tranquil spirit, and we are so happy to welcome our NH neighbors to our adult-use dispensary. Sign up for our newsletter to get updates about our location, and be sure to check out our online menu to get an idea of what you will find in our premier retail showroom. Hope to see you soon!

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