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Uma Flowers is a recreational cannabis dispensary in Pepperell, MA – located just 30 min (16.8 mi) Southwest of Pelham via MA-113 W, proudly serving Pelham, NH dispensary customers. Stop in and say hi!

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Our dispensary in Pepperell MA is located at 2 Tarbell Street only 30 minutes away from New Hampshire. We provide a large selection of products to help your brain & body feel good. Our dispensary offers a wide range of products every day of the week, from edibles to topicals to concentrates to extracts.

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Looking for Weed Dispensaries in Pelham, NH? Things to Know

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Our mission at Uma Flowers is to provide cannabis products that can improve the health and wellness of the communities around us. We have friendly budtenders that focus on helping educate you, whether you’re from Massachusetts, New Hampshire, or beyond. We are happy to spend time with all customers who walk into our doors, especially those new to cannabis who come loaded with questions to find products that work for their interests and goals.

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First Time Visiting a Dispensary Near Pelham, NH?

Is cannabis legal recreationally in MA?

Cannabis is legal recreationally and for medical use in MA. However, adult-use cannabis is not yet legal in NH. Thankfully, Pelham is not far from the MA state line.

What are the MA purchase limits?

You are allowed to purchase as much as 1 full ounce of cannabis flower, 500mg of THC-infused edibles, or 5g of concentrates.

Where can I see the MA Cannabis laws?

To get a good look at the MA cannabis laws before making the trip to see us at Uma Flowers, check out the information provided by the MA Cannabis Control Commission.

Other things to know

Although New Hampshire’s legal cannabis program is generally described as “better than it used to be,” it’s still lacking in some ways, such as few dispensaries and a lot of restrictions. That’s why some residents of Pelham are exploring other options for their adult-use cannabis needs, including visiting locations close by in other states.

Visitors are always welcome to browse and ask as many questions as they want, including basic questions like what’s THC or what are cannabinoids. Online pre-ordering is also available – just let us know what you want, and we’ll have it ready for you. This convenient option saves time for people who may already be familiar with cannabis and have their favorite brands, items, and method of consumption.

Things to Do in Pepperell, MA

Looking for something to keep you entertained when visiting our dispensary near Pelham? Stop by the Pepperell Covered Bridge and adjoining country store. Schedule a sky-dive experience (first-timers welcome!) at Skydive Pepperell. Spend some time immersed in the natural beauty surrounding the Nashua River, or pay a visit to Hippie Lizzie’s Vintage antique shop to nab a cool treasure.

Need a Place to Stay?

If you decide to spend the night near Pepperell, check out this list of hotels from Trip Advisor. There are dozens of hotels within 10 or 15 miles of downtown. And, you can find a full lineup of inviting Airbnbs, including guest suites, apartments, cottages, and private rooms.

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Uma Flowers is family-owned and women-led, and always has a firm focus on health and wellness. All of our cannabis has have been grown at clean cultivation facilities. Part of the process from seed to sale includes independent testing at a licensed lab. We ensure all wholesale partners have a similar commitment in any products sold to shoppers from Pelham and other communities.

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