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Uma Flowers is a recreational cannabis dispensary near Tynsborough, MA, located only 15 mins (8.4 mi) West of Tynsborough, MA via MA-113 W. We proudly serve recreational cannabis customers from Tynsborough, MA and beyond. Get Directions.

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Why Visit Our Recreational Marijuana Dispensary Near Tyngsborough, MA?

Are you looking for the best dispensary near Tyngsborough, MA? Look no further than Uma Flowers in Pepperell, MA. We have the best selection of choice cannabis flowers, edibles, vapes, and accessories.

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Looking for Weed Dispensaries in Tyngsborough, MA? Things to Know

Looking for the Best Tyngsborough, MA Recreational Cannabis Dispensary?

Tyngsborough, MA, is just a stones throw from Pepperell, MA – there’s just over 9 miles between the two towns. Simply hop on Route 113 and head West. Because they are so close, Uma Flowers in Pepperell is an excellent destination for your cannabis shopping needs.

There’s a lot more to Uma Flowers than meets the eye for Tyngsborough customers. It’s easy to see how we live up to the goal of improving the health and wellness of communities with cannabis. This includes Uma’s commitment to providing only the purest and cleanest cannabis products, with extensive testing and careful controls of our production facility. Uma also keeps its unique, family-owned, women-led perspective, helping ensure the cannabis industry is more welcoming and accepting for all. With more than 15 years of combined medical experience between the two founders, Uma is dedicated to professionalism, transparency, and compliance with critical rules and regulations that protect customers.

Uma Flowers Tyngsborough customers can also take advantage of our loyalty program, where shoppers can earn points with every purchase to redeem on exclusive accessories and apparel. Uma is also committed to educating customers about the benefits of cannabis and the best ways to enjoy the many high-quality products offered by our dispensary.

Don’t just settle for the closest dispensary to home. Make the short drive from Tyngsborough to Pepperell to see the difference a top-tier dispensary can make in the quality, service, and value of your next cannabis purchase.

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Things to Do Near Our Recreational Marijuana Dispensary in Pepperell, MA

With so many dispensaries in Tyngsborough, surely one must stand out, right? Well, unfortunately some do stand out, just in the wrong ways. Unlike other dispensaries in the Tyngsborough area, we want our customers to come in, take their time, and shop at their leisure. Please don’t feel rushed, but rather relaxed – the way cannabis should be.

We look forward to seeing you at Uma Flowers in Pepperell, MA. We welcome walk-in orders, but we also offer online pre-orders – no need to stand in line!

First Time Visiting a Recreational Marijuana Dispensary in Massachusetts?

If this is your first time visiting a dispensary in Massachusetts, we urge you to learn as much about cannabis flowers, CBD products, vaping, and concentrates as possible. At Uma Flowers, we believe an educated customer is a satisfied customer, so we publish informative blogs in which you can learn everything from how to vape weed to choosing the best strains for inflammation and pain.

Is cannabis legal in Tyngsborough, MA?

Cannabis is legal for recreational and medical purposes throughout the state of MA. Therefore, you are free to purchase cannabis from a weed shop in Pepperell and take your goods back home with you.

How much cannabis can I buy?

In the state of MA, you can purchase up to 1 ounce of flower, 500mg of THC edibles, or 5 grams of concentrates. You can visit as many dispensaries as you like, but you will be required to adhere to these limits.

Why do you need my government-issued photo ID?

Your government-issued photo ID verifies that you are old enough (21 or older) to purchase cannabis legally in the state. Your information is also used to keep track of your daily purchase limits.

Getting Here from Tyngsborough, MA

As noted, Tyngsborough is only just over eight miles from Pepperell. Therefore, you should have no trouble finding a Lyft or Uber to get you to Uma Flowers and back. Both are available in the area and frequently travel between the two cities.

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Uma Flowers – Pepperell, MA

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Uma Flowers offers some of the finest cannabis and flower bundles available on the market today. We also carry a full line of pre-rolls, vaporizers, concentrates, and edibles. If tinctures or topicals are your jam, we have those too. You’ll love our wide variety of accessories and apparel that you just cannot find anywhere else. We pride ourselves on our customer service – we are always glad to answer any questions you may have about cannabis, CBD, edibles, and more.

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