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Our Proposed Dispensary in Waltham, MA

Safe, pure, and clean cannabis—that’s what our proposed Waltham dispensary is all about. As a family-owned and female-led operation, we value the quality of service for our patients and adult-use customers over anything else. 


Colocated Sales for Both Patients and Adult-Use Customers

The proposed Uma Flowers Waltham dispensary will cater to both medical cannabis patients and adult-use customers under the same roof. We will offer dedicated parking for both and even offer a separate checkout line for our medical cannabis patients. This colocated setup in the 7,300 square-foot facility makes it possible for us to take care of the diverse needs of each of our individual customers. So, whether you have a medical cannabis card and need a specific product or if you are completely new to cannabis and curious about therapeutic benefits, we are here to support your journey.

We’re a Community-Based Waltham Dispensary with Local Roots

Our proposed Waltham dispensary is not just based in the community, we have local roots. The founders of Uma Flowers, Priyanka and Tejal Patel, are both Waltham natives and residents. Both women have strong local ties, looking to make a difference in the community by providing wellness through cannabis. Together, the two female founders have over 15 years of combined experience in healthcare and supporting community health. They bring that expertise to Uma Flowers to offer a Waltham adult and medical dispensary truly centered around community wellness.

Safe, Tested Cannabis for Your Health and Wellness Goals

Safety, regulatory compliance, professionalism, transparency—these attributes are necessary when using cannabis for health or therapeutic reasons. At Uma Flowers, we use our healthcare background to make sure every cannabis product we offer is one that you can rely on to meet your wellness goals. Every product we plan to offer at our dispensary will go through third-party testing for purity and quality. Whether it is an edible, a pre-roll, or simply flower, you can rest assured the product from us will meet our quality standards


We are here for you.

Our proposed Waltham dispensary will cater to both medical cannabis patients and adult-use customers with thoroughly vetted budtenders who will be most capable of helping you meet your wellness goals. We will be here to make sure every customer that visits us, even those new to cannabis, walks away feeling educated and informed about their journey with cannabis.

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