3.5 Grams of Cannabis Concentrates for $100 in Pepperell, MA

What is a Baller Jar? 3.5 Grams of Concentrates for $100 in MA

Looking to get your hands on a cheap baller jar in Massachusetts? Make sure to plan a visit to Uma Flowers. We’ve got some of the best deals on baller jars of concentrates, including a few $100 picks!

In case you’ve never heard of a baller jar, this is the largest amount of cannabis concentrate you can buy in MA. So, what is a baller jar anyway, and what is a good price for these cannabis concentrates? We’ve got all the details below, as well as the inside scoop on how to get a $100 baller jar in Pepperell, Massachusetts.

What Is a Baller Jar?

Baller jars of concentrates are small jars that contain a generous 3.5 grams (an eighth ounce) of cannabis concentrate. Cannabis concentrates carry a significant amount of potency for the price, so a full 3.5 grams is a substantial amount for this high-potency product. If you prefer to dab instead of smoking or use concentrates for vaporizing, baller jars are an economical way to go.

The phrase “baller jar” has actually been tossed around a lot in cannabis culture lingo, and it has held different meanings. For example, at one point, a lot of cannabis consumers referred to jars that would hold about an ounce of weed as a “baller jar.” The phrase has gone through a lot of transformations when it comes to meanings, but at the dispensary, you can pretty much guarantee the mention of the famous jar is all about cannabis concentrates.

What’s in a Baller Jar?

If you visit an MA dispensary with baller jars on the menu, these jars will likely be filled with one of the many types of cannabis concentrates. Cannabis concentrates are concentrated cannabis extracts, and they come in a lot of different forms. A few picks you may see on the menu in a baller jar include:

  • Live resin or rosin
  • Wax
  • Shatter
  • Budder
  • Badder
  • Diamonds and sauce
  • Crumble
  • Budder

What’s a Good Price for a Baller Jar in MA?

An eighth of cannabis concentrates can vary in price from about $30 to $60 per gram. Prices for cannabis concentrates range depending on factors like supply, demand, brand, and potency. For example, some of the more refined and higher-potency concentrates like shatter or wax that can be around 90% THC will generally be on the more expensive side of the price scale. Therefore, most baller jars could easily cost you well over $100 for 3.5 grams.

Check Out the Baller Jar Deals in Pepperell, MA at Uma Flowers

When you have a specific cannabis product preference, finding a good dispensary deal can mean a lot of savings. That’s why at Uma Flowers, we do all we can to give customers good prices on everything from flower to edibles. We even have baller jars from some brands for just $100!

We take a lot of pride in building one of the purest, most reliable collections of cannabis concentrates in MA. So, we have brands on the menu that have been vetted for quality, such as Haze, Insa, and Crispy Commission.

Our baller jar deals are ever-evolving, so the availability can look different by the day. Be sure to check in often to see what picks we have. A few picks you may see on our menu around the $100 price point for a baller jar include:

  • Apex Cake Budder – A sweet, Indica cannabis concentrate with telltale richness and just over 82% THC
  • Knuckle Sandwich Crumble – A heavy-hitting hybrid crumble that works amazingly well for topping flower in a pipe and boasts around 83% THC
  • OG Kriptics Budder – An Indica-dominant concentrate with a smooth, creamy consistency, loads of spice, and over 85% THC
  • Chernobyl Acid Budder – A balanced hybrid concentrate with a soothing body buzz and intense head high with ver 83% THC
Crispy Commission Concentrates Product Image

Shop for the Best Concentrate Deals in MA at Uma Flowers

From $30 vapes to $100 eighths, we’ve always got a good weed deal on the menu at Uma Flowers. If you’re looking for a baller jar Pepperell is the place to be to pick one up that won’t break the bank, be sure to check out our menu to see what we have in stock for a good price.

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