Uma Flowers: Women-Owned Dispensary in Pepperell, MA

Have you been on a search for a female-owned dispensary near Pepperell, MA? If you didn’t know, at Uma Flowers in Pepperell, we’re proud to be a women owned dispensary and be a part of a growing community of leading females in the cannabis space. Not only are we proud our founders are women, but we also strive to support other women in weed. Find out more about the women behind Uma Flowers and some of our favorite women owned cannabis brands in Massachusetts below.

The Women Behind Uma Flowers

Uma Flowers was brought to life by Priyanka and Tejal Patel, two driven women with a passion for health, cannabis, and community. While both women faced challenges entering the cannabis space from the beginning, both have worked tirelessly to build a new kind of recreational dispensary and gained substantial respect along the way.

Rooted in the female duo’s profound understanding of health and medicine, Uma Flowers now stands as one of the best dispensaries in MA. The brand is dedicated to empowering customers on their wellness journeys with cannabis.

The Importance of Supporting Women in Cannabis

Women in weed are crucial for fostering diversity and inclusivity in a rapidly growing industry. By empowering women to take leadership roles, we can challenge traditional gender norms and create more equitable opportunities. Additionally, women often bring unique insights and expertise to the table, oftentimes driving innovation and enhancing the overall quality of cannabis products and services.

However, despite strides towards gender equality, women in the cannabis industry still encounter barriers such as unequal access to funding, gender biases, and stigmatization. Therefore, supporting female-owned cannabis dispensaries is important to continue to foster positive change.

Our Favorite Woman-Owned Cannabis Brands in MA

There is no better way to support women in weed as a consumer than by purchasing products available from women-owned cannabis brands. Take a look at our few favorites in MA below.

1. Miss Grass

Miss Grass All Times Flower Product Image

Miss Grass has grown from being a California-based brand to a multi-state cannabis entity with one of the most respected, recognizable names in the nation. The brand offers some of the best pre-rolls in MA.

2. Edie Parker

Edie Parker is a leading female-owned cannabis brand with a focus on cannabis as a lifestyle. The brand uniquely combines premium cannabis and cannabis-related or inspired accessories.

3. Clebby’s

Clebby’s provides delectable baking mixes, so people can make their own yummy edibles at home, but the brand also happens to be female-founded and operated.

4. COAST Cannabis

COAST Cannabis Co. is owned and operated by a wife-husband duo and is easily one of the most recognized names in cannabis edibles in the state with everything from gummies to chocolate bars.

Visit Uma Flowers: One of the First Women-Owned Dispensaries in Pepperell

If you’re looking to support women in weed, be sure to stop in for a visit to Uma Flowers. Not only do we have one of the finest collections of cannabis, but we also have Buy Weed from Women t-shirts and merch!

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